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We assure you that the Kpnsf uses Cookies in compliance with the relevant legal provisions and the Information on the processing and protection of personal data that can be consulted here.
A cookie is a small file that contains letters and numbers that will be stored on the user's equipment (whether we are talking about a computer, laptop, tablet, mobile phone or similar) from which he accesses the website.
These cookies do not contain viruses, software or spyware and cannot access the information on the equipment on which they are stored, more precisely the user's hard drive. The cookie is installed by a simple request sent by a server to a program to access web pages (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or other browsers) and is completely passive, having no active functionality on the user's equipment.
Cookies are those that help our web pages to offer users a pleasant and friendly Internet browsing experience, adapted to their needs, preferences and interests. Therefore, the complete deactivation of cookies often has the consequence of not functioning the web pages until they lead to an impossible to use state.
Certain cookies stored on the equipment from which you access the website may collect data about your activity on the website or about the device you use in browsing the Internet, such as the operating system of the device. In all cases, all this data collected with the help of cookies are encrypted so that they cannot be accessed by unauthorized persons. As mentioned in the Information on the processing of personal data, we want to offer our customers and users a full shopping experience, safe and in accordance with their preferences.
We use cookies to improve the experience of our customers and users, both in terms of browsing our website and in the purchase process. Thus, with the help of Cookies, we manage to recognize the user's device and his saved preferences and thus we can present the content in a way relevant to you, so that users receive only that information and offers relevant and in accordance with their preferences. .
We remind you that you can delete cookies stored at any time by simply accessing the settings in your browser. In this case, the next time you visit our web pages, the content displayed will be generic and non-personalized to your needs, and your data will be processed again as new data, as if it were the first access to our web pages.


The types of cookies we use are of two types in terms of storage time:
  • Cookies per session are temporary files and remain in the user's device only during the session of your browser (as long as you access the web page or until you close the application); after this moment these types of cookies are completely deleted.
  • Persistent cookies, as the name suggests, remain on the device from which you accessed the web pages for a predefined period of time or until they are deleted by the user by accessing the settings in the browser.
When you visit our web pages (, Kpnsf may place the following types of cookies on the device from which you access our website:
  • Strictly necessary cookies - for use and for the performance of web pages: they are necessary to ensure the optimal functioning of web pages. These Cookies are particularly important because without them browsing the page or securing certain parts of the web pages would be impossible, and our websites could not function properly. These cookies are necessary for the web page to work and cannot be stopped in our systems. These are usually set only in response to actions you take, such as setting privacy preferences, authenticating, or filling out online forms.
  • Preferred cookies: we use them and we need them so that you can display the content of the web page as you wish and personalize it in advance.
  • Analytical cookies - for statistics: they are needed for measurement, optimization and analysis (known as analytics), so that we can understand how users and visitors interact with our web pages. Through these Cookies we collect and report information anonymously, for the purpose of purely anonymous statistics that help us understand the actual way in which users benefit from our services offered online. Also, in the long run, they allow us to improve the structure of the website and the user experience of those who visit us. For example, we use them to analyze the traffic on our web pages, the way users access our web page, how they get to our website, the type of content that is most viewed, etc.
  • Advertising Cookies: These cookies may be set through our website by our advertising partners. These can be used by advertising partners to build a profile of interest and thus display relevant ads on other web pages. They do not directly store personal information, but are based on the unique identification of the browser and device from which you access pages on the Internet. If you do not allow the storage of these cookies, the advertising displayed on the web pages will be generic and less targeted to your needs.
  • Social Media Cookies: These cookies are set through a number of specific media services, which we have added to our web pages to allow you to share our content with friends and social networks (Facebook, Instagram, etc.). These Cookies can track visitors' browsers on other web pages and thus build a profile with the interests of visitors to improve the experience of viewing content and other web pages. If you do not allow the storage of these cookies, you will not be able to use or see the tools provided to you to share content, for example on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, etc.).


You can delete cookies by accessing your Internet browser settings. Whether we are talking about Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or others, they allow the saving (default) of cookies on the devices from which the web pages are accessed. You can change these settings in the browser at any time to block them or you can choose to be notified whenever cookies are sent to you, by following the steps indicated in the respective section of the instructions for use of your browser. However, we remind you that both by deleting the Cookies and by limiting their use, this can affect the coherent, correct and safe display of the sites and can cause certain dysfunctions of the web pages. For any other questions, we are at your disposal at the e-mail address:
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